Long-billed Curlew. Video: Joel Sartore/National Geographic Photo Ark

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2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Extending our conservation reach together

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Audubon protects birds during every point of their lifecycles throughout the Americas. But bird conservation cannot be effective if it focuses on only parts of a bird’s complex lifecycle. And so, to achieve the greatest impact for the greatest number of birds, Audubon organizes its work into five highly scalable core strategic priorities. These priorities cover the breadth of landscapes that birds need to thrive, including shorelines, lakes, bird-friendly cities, and habitat strongholds that will provide shelter to birds as the climate changes and their old homes disappear.


Audubon is a powerful distributed network with an unparalleled reach. No other conservation organization matches the size, scale, influence, diversity, and creative energy of our chapters, nature centers, volunteer leaders, and partners.

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Durable Public Will

We must rally enduring support for conservation at a level great enough to ensure that public policy and private enterprise do right by birds as often as possible. While we have broadened our outreach and engagement through a variety of communications channels, we have recruited and engaged only a fraction of the millions of Americans who care about birds and the environment. This plan defines explicit engagement objectives to grow and shape a powerful and diverse new constituency to achieve our conservation goals.


Audubon works to save birds through conservation and advocacy firmly grounded in science. As leaders in applied bird conservation science, we engage in research and analysis to support the development of our programs, to build our authority as a science-led thought leader, and to inform and evaluate the work of Audubon and our partners.


As the BirdLife International partner in the United States, Audubon is part of a dynamic collaboration of more than a dozen BirdLife partner organizations in countries across the Americas. Through these local networks, Audubon delivers concrete, on-the-ground actions that address critical threats to Audubon’s priority bird species, and assists in building support for bird conservation in the region’s countries and communities.

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It takes a diverse group of people to effectively protect birds and habitat throughout the hemisphere. Scroll to the right to meet some of the people who make it happen.